Basic Essentials

Handbook for the Marine Corps NCO (5th ed)
by Lt Col Kenneth W. Estes, USMC (Ret)
ISBN: 1591142407

This is the main handbook (their bible) and reflects the many recent changes in the organization of the Corps, and focuses on helping Marine NCOs “make the most of their chevrons and…get ahead in the corps.” Provides fast access to all of the many official military regulations and instructions that an NCO needs to know.

Marine Corps Guide  (19th ed)
by  Marine Corps Association
ISBN: 0940328380

The Guidebook for Marines has been the essential reference book for Marines for almost 60 years. Recently revised, it contains updated sections on weapons, individual and small unit tactics, martial arts and other essential subject information.

Marine Family

Surviving Deployment: A Guide for Military Families
by Marine Corps spouse Karen M. Pavlicin,
ISBN: 978-0965748360

This book provides an introduction to the deployment cycle along with other practical information for women that will have to lead a house while husband is away.  Includes advice on DIY home maintenance, finances, communication and children.

Marine One Source:

Post Traumatic Stress

Continuing Education

Marine Corps Professional Reading List

Lists of 12-14 titles that are specific to each rank (2nd Lieutenant – Colonel)