Air Force

Basic Essentials

Airman’s Guide 8th edition
by MSgt. Boone Nicolls, USAF (Ret.)
ISBN: 978-0811707947

Information on the basic behavior expectations and general information about the Air Force’s structure and how to adapt and progress. Includes lists, charts and illustrations. 355 pages.

Professional Development Guide  (AF PAMPHLET 36-2241) 2011
by Timothy A. Beyland

Can be accessed online at: This guide covers topics such as AF Heritage, organization, AF Doctrine, Emergency Management, Standards of Conduct, Enforcing Standards,  Protocol (military customs and courtesies), Enlisted Force Development, Leadership, Enlisted Evaluation Procedures, Training and Education, Resource management, Communicating in today’s AF, Personnel Programs, Wing Support, Dress and Appearance,  Fit force, Security and Glossary. 486 pages.

NCO’s Guide 9th Edition
by CSM Robert S. Rush, USA (Ret.)
ISBN: 978-0811736145

This guide goes across all services (Army, Navy, AF, etc) includes information on personal development and role as leader, giving guidance on how to navigate the system.  Topics include:  NCO responsibilities, leadership, training, education, evaluation process, promotion, legal and financial issues to name a few.   It has been implied by the reviews of this book that promotions often hinge on a demonstration of understanding the information contained in this guide.

AF Officer’s Guide  35th Edition
by Col Jeffrey C. Benton, USAF (Ret.)
ISBN: 978-0811734523

This guide covers much of the information that the NCO does, but this is from the AF perspective and has been tailored with details specific to this force.

The Air Force Wife Handbook: A Complete Social Guide
by Ann Crossley and Carol A. Keller
ISBN: 978-0962622816

Manners, Courtesies, Etiquettes and Protocols are given in depth  guidance with detailed examples of invitations, responses.  Includes tips on entertaining down to details on how to iron linens used in these events.   This guide is comprehensive.  This is the Air Force companion to Crossley’s The Army Wife Handbook.

Continuing Education

CSAF 2012 Reading List
Includes 13 book titles and 7 videos that cover the history and mission of the Air Force.

Air Force Family

After the War Zone: A Practical Guide for Returning Troops and their Families
by Laurie B. Sloane, PhD and Matthew J. Friedman, MD, PhD
ISBN: 978-1-60094-054-5

This guide provides airmen tools to prepare for the rollercoaster of change that can be brought on by deployment and return. It covers issues such as:

  • Myths and realities of homecoming
  • Reconnecting with spouses, children, and other family members
  • Guilt and moral dilemmas
  • PTSD and other mental health concerns
  • Local and national organizations that provide assistance for vets and families

Military Life Series: The Psychology of Serving in Peace and Combat 
edited by Thomas W. Britt

  • Vol. 1: Military Performance (ISBN: 978-0275983017) addresses the many dimensions that are affect the military members ability to operate: How stresses can affect decision making, the consequences of killing, how lack of sleep can affect operational abilities.  The book is broken into the following sections:  First Person, Human Dimension, Physiological and Cognitive Dimensions, Social and Personality Dimensions, and Future Directions.
  • Vol. 2: Operational Stress (ISBN: 978-0275983024) addresses the demands  and psychological consequences of the potential trauma and reviews possible interventions that may be required on return. This book is broken into the following sections:  First Person; Psychological Preparation for Warfare; Psychological Demands after and during Deployment; Organizational Responses to Psychological Challenges;  Future Directions.
  • Vol. 3: Military Family (ISBN: 978-0275983031) addresses challenges facing:  the military spouse; diverse family styles (single parent, dual-military family);  the challenges of growing up military, etc. (Note: this book is out of print).

Counseling Military Families
by Lynn K. Hall
ISBN: 978-0415956888

This book begins with an overview of military life, then delves into specific chapters focused on the unique circumstances of reservists, career service personnel, spouses, and children. The final section of the book  presents treatment models and targeted interventions tailored for use with military families. This book will help counselors tailor their interventions to work well with families who are in transition, who may have an ingrained resistance to asking for help.

Surviving Deployment: A Guide for Military Families
by Karen M. Pavlicin
ISBN: 978-0965748360

The Unfinished Work
by Dave Faires
ISBN: 978-1907461569

When Duty Calls: A Guide to Euip Active Duty, Guard, and Reserve Personnel and their Loved Ones for Military Separations 
by Carol Vandesteeg
ISBN: 978-0781442886