October 6, 2017

Gold Coast Library Network

Approved Minutes, Zoom Conference Call, Oct. 6, 2017 9:00 am

Present: Kristen LaBonte (note taker), Mallory Gianola, Heather Kiger, Susannah Kopecky, Antonio Apodaca

  1. Approve minutes from 9/13/17, approved
  2. Finalizing Speakers
    1. Jody Gray, director for the Office of Diversity, Literacy and Outreach with ALA. Find out what initiatives are happening, especially in relation to DACA. Antonio needs to follow up with her plans on timing and the flipped classroom approach. She was thinking of sending questions to groups and then have them provide feedback. It might be difficult for people to form groups ahead of time, perhaps she can give all the questions to everyone. Like a questionnaire that goes out in advance. People who cannot attend can also respond and give more data so that we can have a more informed conversation.
      1. We have to follow up with Cuesta to make sure they have the technology to set up a Google Hangout. Mallory will connect with them and copy Antonio so he can communicate directly with them.
    2. Derek has a speaker and Mallory will follow up with him.
    3. Heather did not get any good leads that were available.
    4. Could Antonio speak on emerging leaders? Yes. He is hoping to take time after Jody’s talk and decompress and have a more relaxed approach to discuss. He has some best practices and common sense approaches for public libraries for inclusion. We could make this a 30 minute portion of the program.
    5. Mallory shared our event with our new Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Group in the UCSB Library (former Diversity Committee). There may be a conflict on the date with most members in the group.
  3. Catering & Food. Heather and Susie did great work finding out all the options!
    1. Mallory will pick up baked goods, fruit, juice, granola bars etc. at Costco
    2. Coffee service from Cuesta.
    3. Cuesta could cater or we could go with Panera.
      1. Vote on Cuesta for lunch. Heather to follow up.
  4. Registration announcement
    1. Mallory to send
    2. Flyer and Registration form: Heather & Antonio
    3. Set deadline for registration. Heather to reach out to Cuesta catering to find out when they need our order. The deadline can be set to be just before then.
    4. Try to get flyer and registration form done by the 20th at the latest.
  5. Next Meeting: Oct. 27 @10am. Need to find another note-taker since Kristen isn’t available.
  6. Meeting adjourned, 9:40am