April 4, 2017

Gold Coast Library Network, Approved Minutes, Zoom Conference Call, April 4, 2017, 3pm

Present: Kristen LaBonte (note taker), Mallory Gianola, Camerin Poulson, Jody Thomas, Susannah Kopecky

  1. Approve minutes from March 7: Approved
  2. Scholarships:
    1. Applications are being reviewed (11 total). Hoping to have decisions made by Friday. Mallory will invite recipients to the program (after asking Margaret for a copy of last year’s letter).
  3. Elections
    1. Last year we sent a message with 10 days for voting.
    2. We will send it on the 10th and voting will be open until the 21st
    3. We have names for each position, Jodi has them.
    4. Google sheet with names and options for write-ins.
  4. Dues
    1. Cami will know by Friday what libraries have sent in dues.
  5. Professional Development Day, April 28, 2017
    1. Slow registration happening, need to do more outreach about our outreach program!
    2. Mallory updated the blog on the website
    3. Jodi has a list of libraries in the area
    4. Kristen to send out GCLN reminder email (sent 4/4)
    5. Feedback questionnaire here: https://tinyurl.com/ml4gqyl
      1. To be sent to participants after the event
    6. Room setup 8:30 for board
    7. Mallory will bring handouts from the last development day (pencils, stickers, etc)
    8. Kristen to make a Facebook event page
    9. Jody to talk with Antonio about what he would like to present on
    10. Food: Cami is on it and will request help from us if need be
  6. Next Meeting: 4/20, 10-10:45
  7. Meeting adjourned 3:36