Becoming a Member

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Membership in the Central Coast Disaster Preparedness and Response Network (CCDPRN) is voluntary and open to any library or other cultural institution in San Luis Obispo, Santa Barbara, and Ventura counties. Membership includes: signing the membership agreement, appointing a staff member as a liaison to the Steering Committee, and expected attendance by at least one staff member per institution to the annual general membership meeting.

Meeting these membership requirements provides the following benefits:

  • Training opportunities
  • Once acquired: resources and disaster response supplies
  • Mutual assistance and encouragement in creating and updating disaster plans for our respective institutions
  • Mutual support if and when a disaster occurs


Membership Agreement

_____________________________________ (institution name) agrees to become an active member of the Central Coast Regional Disaster Preparedness and Recovery Network following the guidelines stated above.

____________________________ Director/Head of institution signature

____________________________ Director/Head of institution print

____________________________ Director/Head of institution email

____________________________ Director/Head of institution office phone

____________________________ Staff member liaison signature

____________________________ Staff member liaison print

____________________________ Staff member liaison email

____________________________ Staff member liaison non-work email

____________________________ Staff member liaison office phone

____________________________ Staff member liaison emergency phone

____________________________ Date


Please send signed documents to the current chair at:

Kristen LaBonte

UCSB Library, Reference Services

Santa Barbara, CA 93106-9010


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