September 1, 2016

Gold Coast Library Network Minutes

Zoom Conference Call

Sept 1, 2016 1:00 pm

Present: Margaret Driscoll, Kristen LaBonte (note taker), Mallory Gianola, Camerin Poulson, Susie Kopecky, Jody Thomas

  1. Approve August 4, 2016 minutes – Approved
  2. 4 – Getting Your Hands on Government Information presented by Shari Laster, UCSB
    1. a. Action Item Jodi: Save the date needs to go out by Sept. 9. Website & Listserv
    2. Everyone on the board to poll colleagues regarding what to cover by Sept. 22
    3. Catering:
      1. Goleta Beach Menu for breakfast: assorted muffins, breakfast breads and donuts ($5.25 pp) includes coffee, teas, orange juice, and water.
      2. California Deli Deluxe Package ($11.50): Choose up to 4 sandwiches, 1 salad, cookies or brownies and soft drinks, water and iced tea. 1 vegan option on standby (depending on rsvps). 1 veggie sandwich, 1 chicken, 1 tri tip, 1 turkey
      3. Action Item: Margaret to request a quote for 24 people from UCen Catering. Breakfast delivered at 9, lunch delivered at 12:30 (setup by 1)
      4. Action Item: Margaret to speak with Vessela regarding best way to pay for catering. It may take two weeks to have the check sent.
    4. Action Item: Mallory to make a flyer, modeling from the website. To include a map (sent from Margaret) regarding parking.
    5. Action Item: Jodi to make a webpage. She will send text to Kristen if she’s unable to do so.
    6. Pricing: Parking is $8 day.
      1. Program Cost: $22 librarians, $18 non-librarian staff, $12 students
  3. Increasing Scholarship Amount
    1. Currently $400 each. 1 for student, 1 for staff.
    2. Vote to keep the two scholarships and increase them to $600 each and see if this increases participation. Perhaps the following year we may vote to have a 3rd
  4. Emergency funds
    1. If one of our regional libraries or cultural institutions experiences a collections disaster, our group will convene and discuss giving some funds for aid.
  5. Website Problems
    1. WordPress isn’t allowing us to upload any documents or media, regardless of what computer is being used.
    2. Action Item: Jodi to see if she can help resolve the problem
    3. Use Google docs and link up.
  6. Next Meeting 9/29: 11am
  7. Adjourned: 1:52