October 27, 2017

Gold Coast Library Network Minutes

Zoom Conference Call, Oct. 27, 2017 – 10 am

Present: Mallory Gianola, Heather Kiger, Derek Stalcup, Jaime Allison, Antonio Apodaca (note taker)

  1. Approve minutes from 10/6/17, approved
  2. Discuss Catering
    1. Heather experienced delays in coordinating things with Cuesta College’s catering service. She reached a disconnected phone number and no email responses.
      1. If no word comes from them by 11/16, Mallory will purchase lunch from Costco.
  3. Flyer and form sent out
    1. Mallory has sent the flyer and posted announcements on GCLN listserve and website.
    2. Mallory also shared flyer with her EDI group and Cuesta College.
    3. Heather and Antonio worked on flyer.
  4. Do we need directions and more info on another flyer?
    1. Heather and Antonio will amend the flyer to include the meeting room number #3219, a parking map, $2 permit info, and correct Akemy’s name by 11/2.
    2. Mallory also added this info the registration form.
    3. Mallory will send new flyer on 11/3, encouraging registration by 11/9.
  5. Outreach for event
    1. Mallory will ask Kristen about creating Facebook event on GCLN page.
    2. Derek will forward this invite to REFORMA LA and REFORMA Fresno.
    3. Derek will also connect with CLA contacts to advertise during the upcoming CLA annual conference.
    4. Irma is advertising the event in the Latino Interest Group with CLA, they will have a booth outside of the exhibitor all during the conference.
  6. Any speaker updates: flipped classroom, sending out questions earlier, etc.
    1. Antonio gave update about Jody Gray. Jody has connected with Cuesta College and will run a technology test prior to 12/1.
      1. Antonio will ask Jody about flipped classroom questions. Need them by 11/16 to send to participants.
      2. Mallory will take the questions to her EDI group for input so they have a voice in the presentation. She will let Antonio know if they need the questions sooner.
      3. Heather suggests a framework of questions for Jody to build upon: EDI definitions, what’s already being done in your organization, tools and best practices for moving forward.
      4. Derek suggests that the Board get familiar with these questions as well prior to the event.
      5. Antonio shares the website from his Emerging Leaders project on advancing diversity in public libraries: https://alaplaedi.wordpress.com/
      6. Mallory reminds the Board to be sure to register for the event.
  7. Any other topics to discuss for Fall PD day?
    1. Irma requested an early invoice for reimbursement for the event.
      1. Heather will check with Camerin on day-of invoices and early invoices for Irma, Derek, and Antonio, since they all come from the same system.
    2. Derek updates the group on Akemy. Confirmed we’re all set for SEIU’s presentation on 12/1.
    3. Mallory confirmed the action items, listed somewhere above…
  8. Next meeting set for 11/17 at 10 am.
  9. Meeting adjourned, 10:45 am