May 17, 2016

Gold Coast Library Network


For the phone connection to Ready Talk, call:


Access Code:  8933386#

May 17, 2016 11am

Present: Margaret Driscoll, Kristen LaBonte (note taker), Jody Thomas, Camerin Poulson, Mallory Gianola, Susannah Kopecky

  • Approve April 4 Minutes
    • Approved
  • Approve April 19 Minutes
    • Approved
  • Shared documents links were sent to the board.
  • Susie and Mallory introductions
  • Debrief: April Meeting and Social Network Program with Winemaker
    • Camerin sent financial statements out
    • Jody sent out feedback forms to board
    • Jody to send a thank you note to Wes on behalf of the board
  • Fall Program Planning
    • Free government documents program
      • Friday November 4 at UCSB. 9:30 – 2.
      • Margaret to check with Shari and reserve classroom 1312.
    • Increasing participation in GCLN
      • 3 events per year? One in each county.
      • Networking & Learning Events:
        • Gardens of the World in Thousand Oaks
        • Ellwood Butterfly Grove in Goleta
        • Roundtable Event on Teaching (could be incorporated into an event as a lightning topic)
      • Discuss increasing scholarship amounts at next meeting
      • Next Meeting: Thursday Aug. 4, 11am
      • Adjourned 11:50