January 17, 2017

Gold Coast Library Network


Zoom Conference Call

January 17, 2017

Present: Margaret Driscoll, Kristen LaBonte (note taker), Mallory Gianola, Camerin Poulson, Jody Thomas, Nancy Gulliver, Susannah Kopecky

  1. Approve Sept. 29, 2016 minutes – Approved
  2. Review of Fall 2016 Development Day.
    1. Lots of great verbal feedback
    2. For future events with a specific focus (like government docs), we should advertise in a way to show that it’s relevant for all librarians.
  3. Spring 2017 Program
    1. To be held in Ventura County. Oxnard College Library, Camarillo Public Library are both great options. Jody will look into them.
    2. April (avoiding April 19 for Good Friday). April 28th works best for the entire board.
    3. Topic Possibilities
      1. Organizational Methods
      2. Online tools for Instruction
  • Digital Literacy
  1. Open Education Resources
  2. Digital Reference
  1. Format Possibilities
    1. Panel on Outreach & Aspirations (Jody & a possibly a coworker), Maker Spaces (Susie), Digital Literacy, Library for Everyone…..
    2. Hiring a professional speaker, like Edmond Otis or Britt Andreatta
  2. Finances
    1. Net loss of $23.25 from our Fall Program
    2. Ending cash balance on 11/12/16 is $8,091.34
  3. Scholarships
    1. Scholarships will be $600 (per vote on 9/1/16).
    2. Committee: Cami, Susie, Mallory
    3. Mallory modifying Google Form to accept applications.
    4. Due 3/31/17. Open 2/1/17.
    5. Kristen to post on website and listserv on 2/1/17.
  4. Next Meeting:
    1. Monday 2/13 at 1pm via Zoom. Mallory to send an invite.
    2. Jody to follow up with Marsha.