February 13, 2017

Gold Coast Library Network


Zoom Conference Call

February 13, 2017

Present: Margaret Driscoll, Kristen LaBonte (note taker), Mallory Gianola, Camerin Poulson, Jody Thomas, Susannah Kopecky

  1. Approve minutes from Jan. 17, 2017. Approved
  2. April 28 Program, EP Foster Library, Ventura
    1. Panel on Community Conversations. Outreach.
      1. Makers Space, Susi Kopecky
      2. Community Relations Speaker from SBPL
      3. Need one more
    2. Catering (we can eat in venue)
      1. Cami to look into Breakfast & Lunch
        1. Last workshop: Breakfast was $5.25/pp and Lunch was $11.50/pp (total $16.75/pp).
  3. Scholarship
    1. We need to publicize more
  4. Upcoming Elections: ending March 2017
    1. Numerous people were identified to reach out to for the following positions. Board members to reach out to them by next Monday at the latest.
      1. Finance Chair
      2. Public Library Representative
      3. School Library Representative
      4. Chair-elect
  5.  Invoices
    1. These are past-due
    2. Cami to look up recent payments to ensure we don’t over-bill anyone.
    3. Jody to create a new update letter and will get it to the board by the end of the day today.
  6. Next Board Meeting: Tuesday 3/7, 3pm via Zoom.
  7. Adjourned, 1:44pm