August 9, 2017

Gold Coast Library Network, Approved Minutes, Zoom Conference Call, Aug 9, 2017 9:00 am

Present: Margaret Driscoll, Kristen LaBonte (note taker), Mallory Gianola, Antonio Apocado, Derek Stalcup

  1. Approve minutes from 5/11/17 – Approved
  2. Website Updates: We paid for the SSL certificate so that malware is removed from the site. Malware scan is $60 per year and the SSL certificate was $149 for three years.
    1. Matt Duhon, Black Gold network admin, is attempting to talk to Digital West to find out if they can access and update the DNS hosting that needs to now point to our new IP address.
  3. Next Professional Development Day
    1. Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Program
      1. Mental Health First Aid training for public libraries. Partnering with Employee Assistance Program. Building a collection with County Health. Could be done as a roundtable where people can talk about what we do and don’t know, educating up and down the ladders of our organizations.
      2. We could have Cuyahoga County Library’s “talent manager” who is an HR rep that sits in the library and communicates information in the equal opportunity employment act. We could probably have them join us in Google Hangout for 20 minutes or so. Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion.
      3. SCIU union is doing citizenship workshop classes for children and adults in Ventura and LA. We could ask if they could send someone from their local office to come talk. UCSB’s Undocumented Student Services has a great handout with benefits depending on immigration status. Margaret will look for it.
      4. Location: We should aim for SLO county or Northern SB County. Cuesta College, SLO Public Library, and Alan Hancock College, Cal Poly SLO are possibilities. Mallory will look into the first three locations and Kristen will reach out to Cal Poly.
      5. December 1st, 9am – 1pm (scheduling with space would be 8-2)
  4. Next Meeting: Sept. 13, 9:30-10:30 via Zoom. Mallory will send the invite.
  5. Meeting Adjournment: 9:43