April 20, 2017

Gold Coat Library Network, Approved Minutes, Zoom Conference Call, April 20, 2017, 10am

Present: Mallory Gianola (Note taker), Margaret Driscoll, Camerin Poulson, Nancy Gulliver

  1. Approve minutes from April 4: approved
  2. Professional Development Day: Friday, 4/28
    1. Food:
      1. Jody cannot attend; had previously said she would bring ice, lemonade, and cups
        1. Camerin kindly offered to bring these items in Jody’s absence. Instead of Ice, Camerin will bring bottled Iced Tea, Lemonade, and cups for lunch.
      2. Margaret is still bringing water bottles: 28-36? One crate should be sufficient for both breakfast and lunch.
      3. Camerin is taking care of the rest of the food:
        1. Breakfast: continental from Panera, includes coffee and tea; Camerin will pick-up before the event
        2. Lunch: burrito box from chipotle,; Mallory or Camerin will pick-up mid-day
    2. Scholarships and finance:
      1. One of the recipients, Heather Kiger will be attending. Camerin will bring her scholarship check to the event, which she already has.
      2. The other recipient, Maria Gutierrez cannot attend the event. Camerin already sent her scholarship check in the mail.
      3. Camerin will bring financial statement to meeting to present and will share the documents with Heather.
    3. Feedback form:
      1. Kristen updated feedback form and put link it 4/4 meeting notes
      2. Discussion about whether feedback is better from print or electronic and group decided that we receive more feedback from print forms
      3. Mallory will print 20 or so copies and bring them to the event on 4/28
    4. Elections and Post-event
      1. Mallory needs to get access from Jody to the election google form to close the form tomorrow 4/21 and tally the votes
      2. Website will need to be updated to reflect new board members and current board members as past board members
      3. There should be a meeting in May with current (new) and past board members to meet, discuss, and review event feedback
        1. Perhaps this could happen after event, if everyone is willing to stick around? We will see after the event.