Librarians on the Central Coast of California have a long history of networking and sharing resources. The Total Interlibrary Exchange (TIE) was organized September 15, 1970. TIE connected all types of libraries throughout a three-county region. A detailed directory of libraries and services was maintained, including location maps, holdings, subject strengths, available databases and networks.

Prior to 1996, the Library of California (LoC) had been discussed as a state-wide project.  A publication called the Library of California was issued which outlined potential programs developed through years of planning. The LoC was created by the state legislature in 1998 to link all libraries in the state. A planning process began to determine regions across the state to supply services. The central coast libraries from TIE banded together to create Region VII, which later was named the Gold Coast Library Network.

Gold Coast officially began operations January 1, 2001. Grants from the state allowed purchase of several databases to be shared by all members in the region. Funds were also made available for InterLibrary Loan among the region’s participants and Cat-A-Link-Gold was implemented, which offered patron-initiated ILL’s among a number of the members.

By 2003, funding for the LoC was discontinued by the state legislature and over the next couple of years the services were discontinued. However, the Gold Coast Library Network has continued their history of strong networking and remains a vital and active organization.